Back in 2017, I created a small batch (about 25 pairs) of champion branded shorts with the monogram logo screen printed on the left leg. It was literally a test to see how the logos' natural flow would look on a short and to test out dimensions for me moving forward. I loved the idea of them looking like a PE short you'd wear in middle or high school and the character it would build over time with normal wear and washes. It remains one of my favorite pieces because it's the first creation, yes but the simplicity is where it hits home. Seeing and holding these really gave me the confidence and push I needed to continue developing my creative passion. 

Fast forward to 2019 and I get the opportunity to truly create a short from scratch. To use my inspiration from designs and apply them to design a fully customized product. First must was pockets. I can't tell you how many authentic or swingman style shorts I have that don't have pockets. Fire for performance but hot trash for leisure wear. Theres only so much phone in the waistband you really tryna do. Next was length. Along with those same shorts the standard fit and length was comical. I found myself folding the waistband over a minimum of 1x in order to not have them rub my ankles. After pockets and fit, came design I instantly wanted to pay homage to one my favorite college basketball teams, the Duke Blue Devils - I was a Bay Area Blue Devil during some of my AAU days. So, the base design takes shape from the classic Duke silhouette. Next was finding a way to spice that silhouette up and add some flavor to side paneling. 

For the longest time, the 2008 redeem team was one of my favorites that I got to watch: Kobe, LeBron, D Wade, Melo, CP3 all in different stages of their primes and throw in triple OG J Kidd, compete during the olympics was amazing to watch. Add that to the uniforms Nike kitted them out with and they couldn't lose. Look good, feel good and fasho play good, right? I took the laser design aspect from the jersey and sectioned it out to fit into the side panel, then embroidered the monogram logo on the right thigh - a homage to Nike. Last touches was to use an athletic polyester mesh cause function > style. 

Shoutout to all of y'all who have either or both of these shorts. You an original! I hope you hold onto these until the wheels fall off - mine are in the archive and wish I held onto some extras to keep fresh but thats just the sign to continue  creating. Hold onto these like that first concert or game ticket cause we'll see the character they build and the beauty of the imperfections they've developed.