Welcome to OTOTO

We view our journey as a way of storytelling. A way to connect the inspirations from basketball and streetwear cultures into a visual representation of who we are and how we create. A peek behind the curtains into all aspects of life and the different worlds we get to experience and respect - LIFESTYLE, FOOD, CULTURE, SNEAKERS, ART, HOOPS, TRAVEL & CURRENT EVENTS. I've always seen more than just a clothing brand. 

OTOTO translates to "little brother or brother" in Japanese. I've been blessed to experience a unique life which has allowed me to grow up always surrounded by an older generation. Having an older brother, it challenged me on many levels and quickly learn how to not act my age to be invited to sit at the "grown up" table. It was an amazing lesson that has consistently been a parallel in my life - finding peers and mentors who are willing to take me under their wing and allow me to take a look through their lens in order to learn, grow, develop and eventually teach those lessons back to the next generation. It's the process of positive influence and I've learned to love and respect every part of it.

The graphic is an enso, which translates to "circle" in Japanese and is typically created in a single motion brush stroke. It represents the beauty of imperfection, individuality and the connection you carry to the life you live. No two circles will be the same and you can't modify in order to make it perfect - you can only continue to practice in order to perfect the craft. Like any blank canvas, the boundaries are limitless and is a direct representation of how to break away to empower your true unique self. 


The brand is an outlet for me to get connected back to my Japanese culture, share my passion for art and design, explore color theories inspired by my love for sneakers, to communicate feelings and emotions on current events and finally, a stop for my adoration for food - cooking, eating, traveling, etc. it'll all be housed here. I welcome you to the OTOTO family and look forward to connecting with all of you!