About Us

OTOTO‘brother, little brother’ is a men’s clothing brand focused on delivering quality sourced goods with a high attention to detail produced in limited quantities. Our vision was born through the heartbeat of both streetwear and basketball cultures using those unique experiences to highlight the different worlds around us. Creating on a blank canvas, we tap into those worlds and continue the exploration of our distinctive color theories and palettes which establishes the separation from others.

Drawing our inspiration from a broad, multi-generational umbrella that pays respect to those who’ve paved the way and also influences how we challenge ourselves for the future. Striving to always push the boundaries beyond their limit while remaining true to our ethos. At OTOTO, we run things like a big family and from concept to finished product we are in touch every step of the way. We extend the olive branch to invite you into the experience and embodiment of who we are and hope you enjoy being a part of the family.

Chapter 1: Welcome & Goodbye