ATRIUM - Los Feliz

Los Feliz is the new neighborhood kid on the block with various unique restaurants, shops and character - the food scene is typically culturally rich wherever you go and authenticity always at the forefront. ATRIUM was an all around pleasant experience. Fun atmosphere, excellent food, even better service and strong drinks - I know, not much else you can really ask for. The restaurant is tucked away between a business building and book store. Although the narrow walk way is right off the sidewalk you can easily walk past so look for a menu hanging on a big door that will double confirm that you are in the right place. Upon entry you’ll be greeted and welcomed into the atrium - a beautiful open space with a tremendous wooden center piece for your viewing pleasure. 

I love restaurants that transform your experience by creating a vibe once you sit down and respect being able to make you feel like you’re in a totally different atmosphere. The narrow walkway is misleading to how open, spacious and comfortable the restaurant it. The food was simple and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Both Asian and Spanish flavors blending into a cohesive cuisine. I would recommend the Grilled Duck Breast and Prime Rib Eye. Both will be cooked to a perfect medium rare and paired with simple sides that complement. I was recommended to get the old fashioned here and I would highly suggest that as well for drinks. The wine list is small but they have plenty of options to pair correctly with what you decide to order. Last, what really stood out was the service. Attentive  waiters/waitresses who are always on their way to help, clean or deliver. They had knowledgeable suggestions on both food and drinks which is always appreciated. Atrium was the full experience and one I would recommend to explore in the new up and coming neighborhood. 


Tequila Fresca & Old Fashioned 


Baja Kanpachi Crudo - 6/10 - The fish was definitely fresh but the pairing of an overripe peach just didn’t mesh texturally and ruining the delicious flavors from coming together. 


Charred Cabbage - 8/10 - Cabbage is typically not in my list of favorite food items but this grilled rendition with a sweet sesame flavor was actually fire. A green charmoula sauce brings it all together but all the individual components to this dish really stand out. 


Grilled Duck Breast - 9/10 - A perfectly cooked medium rare duck breast sitting on top of dandelion greens, pickled grapes and faro. The spiced duck jus is where this dish comes alive and props to the chef for repurposing the shuttle duck flavor. This is a must if it’s on the menu. 

Prime Grilled Ribeye - 8.5/10 - Tender, quality beef cooked to perfection. The steak fries are a standout as well and create the perfect bite with their crispy outside and baked potato like inside. Add a little spicy from the shishito peppers are you’re in heaven.

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