CECCONI’S - West Hollywood

One of the best experiences of living in NYC was being spoiled with authentic Italian food. A rich culture that relies on it's simplicity to be passed down for generations all while carving out homes in each unique neighborhood. It needs a classic red sauce, fresh seafoods, handmade pastas, and the classic aesthetic to be the full package. I had long missed this vibe until I experienced Cecconi's in West Hollywood. I'll be honest, if someone mentions a restaurant in West Hollywood, I'll usually wave the white flag - typically it's over priced, crowded and more about being out in the scene than it is the food. Finally, a classic gem on the West Coast. 

The food is all around delicious with fresh and simple ingredients combined with excellent technique. Wine pairings are easy with the vast selection available and knowledgeable staff to recommend. Above all, the vibe inside is unmatched. It's like being countryside in an Italian pool house. The spacious dining area consists of an outdoor patio, booth seating indoors, full service bar and an indoor patio with a retractable roof a.k.a the Italian pool house. Order the Chicken Paillard, Callimari Fritti, Grilled Octopus, some wine of choice and you'll leave happy. Enjoy! 



Whipped Ricotta w/ Truffle Honey - 7.5/10 - Bread & cheese has a cap to how good it can be for me but this was in the top of it's class. Creamy, sweet, balanced and fresh. 

Calamari Fritti - 8.5/10 - Lightly breaded fresh calamari fried to perfection with a squeeze of lemon? It's undefeated. 


Salami Mushroom Fontina Pizza - 7.5/10 - Fresh made dough with a quality salami and cooked in a wood oven, the pizza was good but nothing special. 


Grilled Octopus - 9/10 - Octopus has a fine line of being cooked just perfectly or being overcooked and rubbery. It takes finesse and the grilled octopus was perfect. Tender, flavorful and paired correctly. 


Pesto Fussili - 7/10 - A kale based pesto created a unique texture but not sure one I would prefer. The fussili was also slightly overcooked for my preference and lost the bite of what an al dente pasta should be. Taste and flavor were present but just wasn't a home run. 


Chicken Paillard - 9/10 - A pounded grilled chicken breast served with cherry tomatoes and arugula, this was a fresh, clean bite that was the highlight of the dinner.

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