Everyone knows their version of the 'local pro'. The guy who's got knowledge beyond measure - maybe he used to be good, maybe he's terrible but when he sees you at the range, all he wants to do is talk. And talk some more. He'll give you a pointer or two and it'll work similarly to a placebo effect - it'll temporarily correct that thing you've been trying to fix. As you're in disbelief, he's saying I told you so and continues on to find his next victim. At the end of the day, you remember his name and sorta look forward to the next time you see him. You want his opinion, or really his time, so you can get that next little bit of the free lesson to help correct that shank, that open club face, your angle of attack, or any of the 100 million things you have to go through on a golf swing. Well folks, our club pro is none other than the man himself: Chubbs Peterson. 


If you don't know Chubbs, he only taught one of the most decorated golfers in the world, Happy Gilmore - The Amazing Golf Ball uhhh Whacker Guy. He led Happy to his 'happy place' where he was able to build him into a complete golfer equipped with a delicate short game, hockey style putting skills and a strong mental escape to match the long ball off the tee. Basically, when Chubbs speaks, we listen! Here we will house the best of our golf advice, skills training, practice drills and much more through videos and links in hopes to spread the knowledge around to our OTOTO Golf Club community. Remember, it's all in the hips! 



3 Drills for Ball Striking